See you soon...

Morituri will no longer battle, but this does not mean the definitive end of the clan.

You can still email us. See you soon!


26 July: morituri vs eXert

Match:Morituri te salutam Spain versus eXert Poland
Date:Thursday 26 July 20:00
Ladder:ET SW 3on3 Europe

eXert is a new clan, this means:
  1. We don't know their level.
  2. We can't loose more than 1 point against them.


23 July: morituri vs #j4fclan.et

Match:Morituri te salutam Spain versus #j4fclan.et Germany
Date:Monday 23 July 22:00
Ladder:ET SW 3on3 Europe

And now, a rematch against #j4fclan.et, our second adversary. #j4fclan.et repeates map: frostbite, but we change our one from supply to sw_goldrush_te. I expect that this be a interesting match.

19 July: morituri vs. Electronic Arabs

Match:Morituri te salutam Spain versus Electronic Arabs Latvia
Date:Thursday 19 July, 20:00 Spain, 21:00 Latvia
Ladder:ET SW 3on3 Europe

3 months latter history repeated again. Electronic Arabs was our first adversary. Then, we played in braundorf_b4 and supply, this time in two different maps. This will show us how much we improved in this time.

We lost 4 - 0


16 July: Polscy Wymiatacze ET vs. morituri

Match:Polscy Wymiatacze ET Poland versus Morituri te salutam Spain
Date:Monday 16 July 18:00
Ladder:ET SW 3on3 Europe

A match scheduled at the last moment.

We lost 4 - 0